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Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble II, The October 25, 2008

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Creativity Tools

The Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble II

The Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble II (Broderbund) is the latest in this do-it-yourself series, which has existed almost as long as the home computer. The more things change, the more things stay the same. What’s changed? You used to be able to use Print Shop and your Apple IIe to make chunky banners and cards on a dot matrix printer. These days you can use this disc and your PC to make the same stuff on your laser printer. What’s remained the same? Print Shop Deluxe’s clip-art graphics are just as hackneyed as you remember them, only now they’re in high-res, 600 dpi splendor. Neat. The disc includes a reasonable amount of material: clip-art in a variety of genres, assorted display fonts, and lots of pre-made templates for everything from birthday cards to certificates. Well-designed they’re not some even include “pre-designed typos.” But if you don’t mind creating documents that scream “desktop publishing,” you’ll find some useful tools in this collection.

– March 1996


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