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Elmo’s Preschool October 25, 2008

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Elmo’s Preschool

Creative Wonders has a new Sesame Street disc called Elmo’s Preschool (ages 3-6). Your host is Elmo, the red furry critter who refers to himself – much like Bob Dole – in the third person. Elmo invites you to explore some simple activities with Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shapes, Sounds, and Face Making. Each activity is set up so that you can jump right in and explore on your own – no reading required. You can also choose the moon or star icons to have Elmo suggest a game; he will proceed to lead you through it. The activities are fun, but the best part of the program are the extra touches, which are sure to delight kids. A feather lying on the ground “can be used for only one thing,” Elmo says, but he won’t tell you what it is. Pick up the feather and tickle him and he giggles for awhile before announcing that he will now tickle you. The program is full of thoughtful touches that involve kids, and it’s all presented in an environment so colorful and smooth-running that we really couldn’t find anything to be annoyed about. Elmo’s Preschool also takes pains to let your child know it’s paying attention. “Make a face that shows how you feel when nobody wants to play with you,” Elmo says at one point. If you make a happy face, he mentions it – “That’s not how I feel when nobody wants to play with me” – but never chides. He’s more likely to reassure you that he’s your friend. Just like Bob Dole – at least until after the election.

– August 1996, Kid’s Education


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