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Total Health, Body & Mind October 24, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

Total Health, Body & Mind

Total Health, Body & Mind (ICS Learning Systems, Inc.) contains a grab bag of items – some useful and well executed, and some not. It blends an enormous amount of information of varying quality with the capability of creating a personal health plan. Overall, the program covers diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise, stress management, and medical reference. Two other major sections are an personal health assessment profile and a family file cabinet where you can track everybody’s profile and log in medical records. It also contains Body Works 3.0, a very complete guide to the body, and PharmAssist, a reference for prescription and non-prescription drugs. Interestingly, it also lists the street names of recreational (illegal) drugs and DEA locations by state, as well as drug Helpline numbers. There are a few even odder touches. Under the diet section, for instance, you’ll find Master Cook II with recipes, but no calorie or nutrition guides, and a Bartender’s Guide. The videos for the sports and stress management sections add little or nothing to the program. But, there’s no skimping on content, and it’s clear and simple to access everything on the disc. Consider this a useful tool.

– June 1995


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