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One Tribe October 24, 2008

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World Culture

One Tribe

For another kind of multi-cultural world tour, there’s One Tribe (Virgin Sound and Vision). Join International VJ Pip Dann in her living room and from there explore the globe. First, however, you’ll have to explore the interface with its endless array of confusing and fuzzy icons. When, and if, you get the hang of it, you’ll discover that you’re never allowed to set off on your own – everything reverts back to Pip. There’s no problem with the content or the commentary. It’s full of interesting places and facts, presented with intelligence and even humor. The musical section is well-chosen and illustrative – thanks to Peter Gabriel and Virgin’s Real World music label – as are the slide shows. Navigation is the problem here. You can’t stop things once they start and you can’t get into anything in any depth, which is a shame because the data base is quite good. What you can do is browse. After a number of passes, you may feel it just isn’t worth the trip.

– June 1995




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