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Lingua Match CD-ROM Lite October 24, 2008

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Language Tutors

Lingua Match CD-ROM Lite

Lingua Match CD-ROM Lite (D & D Computers) is billed as a “PC Language Tutor for Business and Tourism.” It could also serve as a mini-course in iconography. There’s no introduction, so you’ll need to get Help pronto to figure out how to do anything. You can set the program to teach in any combination of six languages including English (US or British), Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. If your native tongue is French, choose that and then whichever language you’re trying to learn, say Italian. Then choose one of a large number of settings like a hotel lobby, bar, street scene, or business meeting to explore. As you point and click around the scene, the names of the different objects appear in both languages. There’s no audio here so you’re on your own when it comes to pronunciation. In the drill and practice section there are several tests that do have audio, but it would make a good deal more sense to have it available throughout the program. As a vocabulary builder, Lingua Match isn’t bad but, as the package says, it’s definitely “Lite.”

– February 1996


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