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I.M. Meen and Chill Manor (Bundle) October 24, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Chill Manor and I.M. Meen (Bundle)

Simon & Schuster Interactive took a fairly unsuccessful stab at an action/learning game with I.M. Meen about a year ago. Now I.M. Meen is being released in a bundle with Chill Manor (ages 9 & up) for the holiday season. Both games borrow heavily from Doom in terms of play-action, while throwing in a little educational content along the way. I.M. Meen offers occasional grammar lessons, while Chill Manor purports to teach history. Neither game achieves the feeling of integration that Amazing Learning Games with Raymandoes; any kid will realize this is really two games in one, forced into an awkward marriage by the developers. Move around and kill things, and then, occasionally, pause to read a few sentences. The idea is commendable, but the execution is (still) sorely lacking. If you want to learn something, these discs will feed you knowledge by the teaspoon. If you want to kill something, play a real action game.

– December 1996


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