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Vegetarian Delights October 23, 2008

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How-To Guides

Vegetarian Delights

If you can’t tell the difference between garlic and shallots, then start with “The Basics” in Vegetarian Delights (Arome Interactive).This section has lots of pictures and descriptions of ingredients, tools, and cooking methods. If you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics, but you still feel intimidated, try “Kids Corner.” You can’t go wrong with these simple recipes. The graphics in this section are cartoon-style, while the other sections of the disc uses video and still photos. For experienced cooks, the slide shows with more than 200 recipes ranging from Ratatouille Pizza to Tofu Rolls to Beanburgers to Pears In Rum, can keep you busy for awhile. The photographs make everything look appealing, so choosing one recipe can be hard. To help narrow down the choices, check the cost, degree of difficulty, and cooking times, which are all listed. Once you do make a choice, you can adjust the recipe to serve two one night and twelve the next with a simple click. Another plus is the helpful hints scattered throughout the program. Want to know how to determine an egg’s freshness? Place in water to see if it floats. Vegetarian Delights is a good choice for both the inexperienced and the veteran veggie chef.

– June 1996



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