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Read With Me Bible October 23, 2008

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Read With Me Bible

Read With Me Bible (HarperCollins/ Zondervan Interactive – age’s 5-10) has 22 “stories” taken from the Old and New Testaments which are more like Cliff Notes than stories. The illustrations are garish (Eve looks like a prom queen) and the voice of the little bird who offers help is straight out of a cartoon nightmare. After scrolling and clicking through the abbreviated text, you can play a few mundane games: find the hidden objects, hangman, or puzzles. Kids will quickly say “Been there, done that.” The most bizarre touch comes with the credits. Somehow the chorus from Elton John’s song Saturday Night is Alright for Fightin’ (in disco style) playing continuously as you scroll down seems like an odd choice on a Bible CD-ROM.

– April 1996



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