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Macmillan Dictionary for Children October 23, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Macmillan Dictionary for Children

Macmillan Dictionary for Children (Simon & Schuster Interactive – ages 6-10) scored some hits and some misses. On the hits side, you’ll find 12,000 words included with definitions. Searching is easy, and you can create your own list of words to study (you have to save them to the clipboard). Lots of stills, audio clips, and a number of videos supply the multimedia elements. The misses: the main icons are not easily comprehensible; only the word, not the definition, is read aloud, leaving little kids at a disadvantage; there is no index of multimedia components, and printing is awkward (go to the clipboard, paste to Word). Overall, kids found plenty to do and enjoyed using the program, especially ones over seven.

– August 1995


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