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Microsoft Dangerous Creatures October 22, 2008

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Microsoft Dangerous Creatures

Once again Microsoftearns top marks for Microsoft Dangerous Creatures. You expect it to run like a dream, and it does. You expect the interface to be stylish, and it is. You expect a healthy dose of multimedia elements, seamlessy integrated, and that’s what you get. Dangerous Creatures introduces over 250 animals in a number of ways: a Slide Show, a Weapons section (how they defend themselves), an Atlas, a Habitat section, or through one of twelve tours led by three different guides. The tours are well done, the guides knowledgeable without being pedantic or cute (a big relief), and the information abundant. Hyperlinks and options are always apparent and coherent. This is a serious title and a keeper. A plus for conservation-minded consumers: a percentage of sales from this CD-ROM goes to the World Wildlife Fund’s global conservation efforts.

– March 1995, Science & Nature

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