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Fisher-Price ABC’s October 21, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Fisher-Price ABC’s

Kids can have fun with Fisher-Price ABC’s (Davidson & Co. – ages 3-5). The scene is the Jungle Cafe, rendered skillfully and with obvious care in bright primary colors. There’s an outside view, basically the title screen, and then three views inside the Cafe. One of them contains the Jungle Jukebox, which is the big draw for all the animals in the jungle. The other two contain patrons and decorations. First click on everything in the Cafe to find hidden coins. Finding the coins is not hard, but it is satisfying, and as you click around things often happen in unpredictable ways. Once you collect the coins, drop them into the jukebox to play three games. Two of the games are fairly ordinary: Letter Hip Hop, in which you look at pictures that correspond to the letters you’ve chosen, and Word Do-Wop, in which you spell words the jukebox supplies. The third game is the most fun: Jingle Be-Bop plays a song with alliterative lyrics. There are pauses at the end of each bar, so kids can sing the lyrics back. The music is very well done and comes in a variety of styles, ranging from hip-hop to rock ‘n roll to reggae to country. You can play in the “Challenge” mode or the “Explore” mode; it’s fun either way.

– August 1995


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