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How The Leopard Got Its Spots October 20, 2008

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How The Leopard Got Its Spots

How The Leopard Got Its Spots (Microsoft Corp. – ages 6-10) has gorgeous graphics, Danny Glover as narrator, and a terrific soundtrack of South African music. Start at P.J. the rabbit’s house (the main interface). From there you can choose to have the story read to you or read along page by page – 34 in all, far more than most multimedia storybooks. You can click on words for pronunciation and, if the word is specially colored, double click to get a video definition of the word. P.J. has four activities in his house, including mancala (an African board game), a musical matching game with Ladysmith Black Mambazo providing the sounds, a puzzle game, and a coloring game. You’ll also find books that give you information about different subjects related to the program. Learn about Rudyard Kipling, or about the artist who did the illustrations, or watch a brief video about South Africa. This is a sophisticated CD-ROM that requires more attention to the story than some younger children may have, but parents can help them stick with it. It’s worth it, say our young critics.

– December 1995


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