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Cinemania ’95 October 20, 2008

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Cinemania ’95

Cinemania ’95 (Microsoft Corp.) is not as encyclopedic as The Motion Picture Guide, but it’s far better organized and designed than the Mega Movie Guide. You’ll find information on about 20,000 movies, reviews from Roger Ebert, Leonard Maltin, and Pauline Kael, a good helping of audio clips and stills, 22 film clips, thousands of biographies, plus a superb search feature and extensive hypertext links. You can also look up Academy Award winners, history of film, films by genre – almost any category of film facts you can dream up. Results can be saved and printed for your trip to the video store. It would be nice if Cinemania ’95 provided complete cast lists, but it doesn’t. That aside, it is still the best all-around guide you can get.

– May 1995

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