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Compton’s Reference Collection October 19, 2008

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Compton’s Reference Collection

Compton’s Reference Collection (Compton’s New Media) manages to pack a great deal onto a single screen, and offers such clearly marked – even obvious – controls that you can handle all the stuff going on with ease, despite the complexity of possibilities. There are 11 reference works here, including The Elements of Style, Compton’s Concise Encyclopedia, The New York Public Library Desk Reference, The MacMillan Dictionary of Quotations, Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus, Compton’s World Atlas, J.K. Lasser’s Legal and Corporation Forms for the Smaller Business, The Elements of Business Writing, The Office Guide to Business Letters, and Resumes for Better Jobs. The interface itself, the flexibility for navigation, the good looks of the thing, the powerful search capabilities, and such adorable features as a slider on the dictionary feature – so you can get to another letter 20 letters away quickly and with more control than by scrolling – make this CD-ROM a pleasure to use. The real question is how good the actual reference works are. The Encyclopedia, NYPL Desk Reference, Dictionary, and Thesaurus get high marks, but the Atlas is skimpy, and the business titles may not qualify as key reference works required by the general population. For those who do need them, this CD-ROM is a good buy.

– March 1996, Reference


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