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World Tour October 16, 2008

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Kid’s Education

World Tour

Headbone Interactive’s Gigglebone Gang are cuter than they have any right to be – somehow the edgy animation, personality-drenched voices, and vaguely stereotypical characters (including a female pig with a Southern accent, and a jovial storytelling tiger with a Jamaican accent) combine to create appealing, amusing creatures. Kids and adults both enjoy Gigglebone time, and World Tour (ages 4-8) lives up to our high expectations. Travel to 10 countries, including Egypt, Mexico, Norway, China, at the click of a mouse; once there, each character invites you to play a game or listen to a story. The stories are old classics that have been updated with contemporary slang (“can I take a rain check?” asks Montezuma), and usually include an interactive portion somewhere along the way. The activities are at once educational and entertaining. “Fact or fib?”, asks the portly porcine Southern belle, before regaling you with strange-but-(possibly)-true anecdotes. Lots of visuals, lots of interaction, and familiar friends make World Tour an experience worth having – particularly if you’ve exhausted the entertainment potential of Carmen Sandiego, but don’t want your child to stop learning about geography.

– December 1996


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