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Gus Goes To the Kooky Carnival October 16, 2008

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Gus Goes To the Kooky Carnival

We looked at a beta (pre-release) version of Gus Goes To the Kooky Carnival (Modern Media Ventures – ages 3 & up), the latest title in the Gus and the Cyberbuds series. Like the earlier programs, this one mixes science and history facts with counting and matching games, and hide and seek. In this one Rant, one of the Cyberbuds, is missing. You’ll find Rant once you’ve visited the different areas of the carnival – the Midway, the Animal Lounge, the Prop Trailer, and the Side Show. In each area you must find hidden cyberbuds, play some games, and learn some facts. Animation and video deliver a good mix of information and trivia. A successful visit means that you collect another piece of the ticket which you need to get into the Big Top to see the acts. The design, graphics, and original, folky music are pleasant and the program runs smoothly. If you’re a Cyberbud fan, add this to your collection.

– July 1995



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