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Pathways Through Jerusalem October 12, 2008

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Pathways Through Jerusalem

Pathways Through Jerusalem (Future Vision Multimedia) piles present-day allusions on top of Bible stories, resulting in a somewhat confused aesthetic. Perhaps it’s trying to be funny. Explore Jerusalem in nine different eras with nine different guides (King David, Herod, and Queen Helena among them) who say things like “if you could have seen Jerusalem in my day ? well, maybe you can!” while they give conflicting accounts of the city’s most significant treasures and history. The tours are long slide shows with limited interactivity; every once in awhile a few options present themselves. Hear input from archaeologists, watch animated legends put things in context, or use the Time Morph button to sidestep into an overlapping tour. The best ones are given by contemporary representatives of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths who play it straight. Database, map, and timeline functions fill things out. There’s a lot of stuff packed on this two-disc set, quantity-wise, but little of it is engaging enough to be enjoyable. Queen Helena bemoans the shrine to Aphrodite in Jerusalem, so her son destroys it with a bundle of dynamite – this is supposed to make the bible accessible? All it really makes it is silly.

– April 1996



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