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Welcome to the Online Edition of
The Practical Guide to Digital Publishing
…EXCLUSIVE: Letters from MILIA…
…February’s industry news and gossip available now…

the latest and greatest, featuring Creativity Tools, Kids’ Education, Games (Kids & Others), and Music

Titles In the Works
February’s news and gossip

Letters From MILIA
Report from France and the major international show for multimedia

Reviews by Title, Category, Publisher
find ’em fast

Contents: The Industry Speaks, Of Special Interest, Features
the departments, columns, and other sections of iN!

Valentines Day Specials
sites for sweethearts

Rock ‘n Ram
the beat according to O(+>

1995 iN!-Ovation Awards
it wasn’t easy, but we found 59 winners among the 1,000s of titles released in 1995

1996 iN!-Ovation Awards
1996 winners

1996 Hall of Shame
have we got some turkeys for you! – 1996 losers

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