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Fly Fishing: Great Rivers of the West October 12, 2008

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Fly Fishing: Great Rivers of the West

Take a narrow topic designed to appeal to a select few; add a technology that is still developing and tends, as a rule, towards imitative banality; stir. Now you’ve got Fly Fishing: Great Rivers of the West (Virtual Adventure), which will thrill devoted fly-fishers and should be avoided by the rest of us. Discs like Trophy Bass were simulations that taught something about fishing while they entertained, suitable for consumption by a mass audience. Fly Fishing, on the other hand, is a dull morass of videos, maps, audio, and still photos about fish, fishing, and the people who fish. Video quality is high and the amount of information is fairly comprehensive, but with this narrow a topic one might rightly demand that the amount of information be exhaustive. The Green River is covered, for example, but not the fabled waters of the Green River that stretch into Wyoming. Some of the fishing tips (the most useful part of the disc) are helpful, but others are obvious and downright stupid. At least the people responsible for this disc are honest: the slide show part is called a slide show. Lots of CD-ROMs these days have slide shows, but few dare to hang an honest tag on them.

– March 1996

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