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Logos Bible Software October 11, 2008

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Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software (Logos Research Systems) makes some pretty big claims in its on-line documentation, including referring to its search engine as “breathtaking” in its “sheer raw power.” Does the disc live up to its billing? Indeed it does with 39 religious books, all searchable by word, phrase, or with a wide variety of Boolean operators. On a Pentium 100 with 16 megs of RAM, it still took a good while for the engine to plow through all that text but, compared to many other searchable databases, it performs quite well. You have a choice of 15 complete versions of the Bible, including everything from the modern King James to Hebrew, Latin and Byzantine versions (in Greek); four books of Bible commentary; five lexicons; two Biblical dictionaries; two topical Bibles; a Biblical atlas; devotionals, hymns, allegories, and grammars; and the complete Confessions of St. Augustine. There are also some nice touches, like a synthesized version of every hymn in full (and there are a lot), and reproductions of the original plates from the more historic books. Logos’ system is proprietary, meaning there are other books you can get your hands on to add to your electronic “library;” in fact, some of them are already on the disc and can be unlocked for a fee by calling an 800 number. If you’re looking for a powerful Biblical research or learning tool, look no further.

– April 1996, Religion



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