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Aladdin’s Activity Center October 11, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Aladdin’s Activity Center

If you loved the movie, you’ll probably want Aladdin’s Activity Center (Disney Interactive – ages 5 & up). As with The Lion King Animated Storybook, the educational value is not as impressive as the production values. Activities include Memory Games, Picture Puzzles, Connect the Dots, Music Mimic, Matching Mates, and Paint by Numbers. There is also a painting program and The Sultan’s Theater, where you can see six clips from the movie. There are four areas to visit, so it seems like there’s a lot going on here, but in actuality, each area offers the same games with minor variations. Some games have problems. In Picture Puzzle, you’re congratulated for solving the puzzle before you do. And the dots in Connect the Dots are too small for any but the most dexterous young kids. But, if you want this, you’ll want it regardless of its flaws.

– August 1995


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